Northern Partners is a Professional Employment Organisation (PEO) assisting companies, local freelancers and international contractors with compliant, streamlined and transparent solutions

You employ us to employ you!

If you are a national freelancer or an international contractor, we have the set-up that brings you through the assignment in a safe and optimised way. Once you have secured the job, we take over and facilitate the complete administrative handling, that removes the administrative headaches and liabilities via our employed umbrella solutions.

Designed to match your demands – with respect to rules and regulations.


Professional Employment Organisation


Payroll in accordance with local legislation


Immigration and Relocation

Why Northern Partners?

Direct your full attention on delivering to your clients and let us take care of all the administration – prior, during and after your assignment.

When working temporarily as a contractor in another country, you would normally have to familiarize yourself with the complicated local rules and regulations. With our well-proven umbrella setup, you not only remove the uncertainty and risk of non-compliance, but also gain access to the special tax schemes available for expats.

Forget about self-assessment, complicated tax returns or unpleasant tax surprises. The tax system is complicated, full of rules and exceptions addressing a diverse set of circumstances. Moreover, the rules are ever-changing.

Why bother knowing the rules and regulations when we have all the necessary knowledge?


Need assistance?

Contact us for further information and let us see how we can help you with all the administrative work that comes along, when contracting in another country.

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