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Latest update: 10. November 2020 / AH

Deal / No Deal – we strongly recommend that you stay updated on how this will affect you and your family, if you are in Denmark after 31/12-2020.

We are looking at two different scenarios for UK Nationals;
1. Already in Denmark before 31/12-2020
Application for an EU Registration Certificate is required.

2. Entering Denmark after 31/12-2020
Application for a Work and Residence Permit is required

We have listed some key points below and invite you to contact us for more information and guidance on your personal circumstances.



End of Withdrawal agreement

UK Nationals and family members, already residing in Denmark, must have applied for and obtained the EU Registration Certificate.
It is imperative to obtain this Certificate, to continue living and working in Denmark under EU Rules.
The EU Registration Certificate is valid until a new Residence Certificate is issued according to the Withdrawal Agreement.



New Residence Certificate

All UK Nationals and family members, residing in Denmark prior to 31/12-2020, must apply for “The New Residence Certificate” under the Withdrawal agreement.
This is applicable from 01/01-2021.
It does require that an EU Residence Permit has already been obtained before 31/12-2020.
The New Residence Certificate is required as proof that the holder has a right of residence under the Withdrawal Agreement.


Post Brexit

UK Nationals entering Denmark after 31/12-2020 have not obtained the EU Residence Certificate and will not be covered by EU Rules.
Consequently, a Work and Residence Permit must be applied for under the Aliens Act. The Permit must be in place before the work can commence.

How do I apply for an EU Registration Certificate?
How do I apply for a Work and Residence Permit?

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